Deep Feelings

Deep Feelings

These works represent a sample of my work as a Composer and Productor for media. How it can be used the variety of feelings or moods and how they can be connected. It has a very profound autobiographical character. It has been created watching the behaviour of the feelings and its interaction.


  1. Mysterious

  2. Impressions

  3. Unknown

  4. Between


Here you can listen to the themes used in previous songs.

1. Familiar

(Main Theme)

2. Deep Dark Side

It shows the power of the collective mind, it represents the army of the dark side, our yearnings and our fears.

3. Enlarging

Getting bigger and bigger

4. Uncertainty


5. Love’s Passion

Mixed feelings

6. The entrance of the Almighty

This feeling is full of fear. The mood is threatening!

7. Warmth

Everything has a tender side, kind and warm.

07b Warmth

Even with tenderness

07c Warmth

Or Hopeful

07d Warmth


07e Warmth


07f Warmth

A little magical

07g Warmth

A little magical towards darkness

8. The Union

The power of the union

9. The Force

The wish of superation is more and more strong!

10. Perception

The menace

11. The servant

The manner of how to work of the servant, directly, unscrupulous. Without feelings!

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