Unequal Effects- Climate Crisis

This is a wonderful project created by Augusta Wicht where it shows the consequences of climate change. It’s short but it has a message very strong.

The international impact of a few nations
Unequal Effects/Climate Crisis



Director: Pablo Abad
Music by Salvador Rojo Gamón

The soundtrack is conformed by three cues:
I. Bannering


Mostly produced for Orchestra, although the second cue is for a jazz ensemble. You can get the score complete and only the second cue.


Full orchestra
Piccolo, Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Bassoons, Horns, Trumpets, Trombones, Mallets, 1 Percussion, Piano, Harp (opt), and strings.


Jazz Ensemble
Alto sax, trumpet, Synth, Bass, piano, and Battery


Ella me dijo

Ella me Dijo (SCORES)

Soundtrack Ella me Dijo. The instrumentation is dor Flute, Clarinet, 2 Horns, Piano, Harp (opt), and Strings. The mood is very intimate and it relates to a Love history. You can listen to the album in the main streaming stores. I want to be grateful to the director Marian Ridoin because he trusts in me and gives me the opportunity to create the Soundtrack.