2020 Time

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For Strings Orchestra & Choir
Arranged for Soprano & Piano
Arranged for Tenor & Piano

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This work has been done during coronavirus. It is my way to complain about the comportment of the human being. It is clear work, without ostentations, trying to be easy, simple, and the most importantly honest. It is composed for Choir SATB & Strings.

It has form movements being the last as large as the other three. The lyrics are simple without pretension and with a homely message.


People, it’s time. Straight out from the ample worlds.
The Society falls deep
Deep as does my Planet.
People, it’s time. Beyond, beyond, beyond the walls.
Beyond, beyond, beyond of worlds.
Life is defined.
Beyond the walls, life.
Beyond the worlds, life.
People, it’s time.
What more could you ask for?
You complain you complain about lack of empathy.

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