2018 Four Different Styles

All rights reserved©2018 Salvador Rojo Gamón www.salvadorrojo.es Four different styles are four mock-ups as an example of my works If you want to see the scenes, you have to contact me and I will contact you. I. Assassins Creed Revelations Cutscene 1’05” Assassins Creed Revelations Cutscene is the game style with epic music with strong feelings.

II. Toy Story 3 Sunny Side Escape 2’18” Toy Story 3 Sunny Side Escape is a mockup where I use the style called Mickey-mousing, in this kind of soundtrack the music follows the acción helping to create the mood of the scene.

III.Law And Order SVU – Benson Talks To DA Barber Soundtrack Background 57” Law And Order SVU – Benson Talks To DA Barber, in this cue the music is only as a background and is practically electronic, It’s very useful when there are dialogues where the music is just accompaniment, barely audible.

IV. Incredibles Dash Persecution 3’06” Incredibles Dash is a mockup done on the persecution scene where the main character is Dash. The music has a lot of tension and there is no dialogue so the music becomes very important bearing on the scene. It’s the larger cue.

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