A Trip to the Moon

A Trip To The Music


A trip through music history

Salvador Rojo Gamón introduces us a trip through which we can look back on and remember the main features of the compositions along with the history, their instrumentation, harmony, melodic structure, etc.

The project revolves around the soundtrack composed by Salvador Rojo Gamón for the legendary movie “A Trip To The Moon” (1902) by Georges Méliès.

The film supposed a great revolution in its era. Méliès used in the film cinematographic techniques very advanced like molten and the use of the decorate creating new scenarios. Because of the features and because of its vanguard plot the film is considered as the first film of sci-fi.

In this concert, we will evidence aspects as important for the final result of a composition as the instrumentation or melodic transformation.

Film sinopsis

The film consists of two parts clearly differentiated. In the first, a scientific visionary -characterized by the own Georges Méliès- achieves convince to the other scientifics to carry out a trip to the moon. The six scientifics were shooted through a giant canyon and impacted against the right eye of the moon creating the already very well known image of the space rocket impacting against the moon.

In the second part of the film, while they are realizing an exploration of the moon surface they meet fortuitously with the inhabitants of the moon who were called selenite. They were captured and taken in the face of their leader. The scientifics were sentenced to death but in a heroic act the crew chief, Méliès itself, he ends with the leader of the selenites. Finally in an accidentally escape they achieve the return to the Earth where are receives with honours.

The Concert

Humorously, the main theme of the composition is going changing and giving information of how the music has been written along the different periods of the history.

With a wonderful plot, the Conductor (characterized as the composer) shows us his works. These works have in common the same thematic material but the composer has different personalities located in different periods of time, as a consequence he compose in different styles.

Eventually,  it will be projected A trip to the Moon with performing of the music.


  1. Barruecos
    1. Prelude
    2. Fugue


  1. Classical Key


  1. III. Tema con Variaciones


  1. IV. The Journey


  1. A trip to the Moon


Technical requirements


Sound system (megaphone) (2 microphones)

Video projector and Screen 

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