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Salvador began his studies of the clarinet at the conservatory of Vall d’Uixó and the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valencia, where he also studies piano, harmony, counterpoint, and fugue, completing his academic training with studies in composition at the Conservatorio Superior de Música of Badajoz.

He attended classes conducting with Roberto Forés, Enrique Garcia Asensio, Gilberto Serembe, Manuel Galduf, Jesús Amigo, Miguel Rodrigo Tamarit, and Alvaro Albiach, He completed the course of specialization of conducting in ATLANTIC COAST INTERNATIONAL CONDUCTING ACADEMY and received classes by Luis Clemente and Colin Metters.

As a composer, he has done many scores for Symphonic Orchestras, Wind Orchestras, Chamber Music, Ensembles, Soloists, piano, or Choirs. His work Exodus won the 2010 Maestro Villa de Madrid award and was premiered for Symphonic Wind Band of Madrid with Enrique García Asensio as a Conductor.

In the last years, he has compaginated concert works with scoring works of documental, advertisement or films.