2018 Four Different Styles

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Four different styles are four mock-ups as an example of my works If you want to see the scenes, you have to contact me and I will contact you.

I. Assassins Creed Revelations Cutscene 1'05''
II. Toy Story 3 Sunny Side Escape 2'18''
III.Law And Order SVU - Benson Talks To DA Barber 57''
IV. Incredibles Dash 3'06''

Assassins Creed Revelations Cutscene is the game style with epic music with strong feelings.

Toy Story 3 Sunny Side Escape is a mockup where I use the style called Mickey-mousing, in this kind of soundtrack the music follows the acción helping to create the mood of the scene.

Law And Order SVU - Benson Talks To DA Barber, in this cue the music is only as a background and is practically electronic, It's very useful when there are dialogues where the music is just accompaniment, barely audible.

Incredibles Dash is a mockup done on the persecution scene where the main character is Dash. The music has a lot of tension and there is no dialogue so the music becomes very important bearing on the scene. It's the larger cue.

2017 Providence

These are a demos for the short. Three little pieces
I. Main Title
II. The Fight
III. The Morning After

2017 Sketches

Set of five little pieces.


2017 A trip to the moon

Es una maqueta (paquete completo, partitura y audio masterizado) de mi trabajo como compositor de música para la pequeña y gran pantalla. Es una muestra de mi trabajo con orquesta sinfónica. Abajo encontrarás las cuatro diferentes piezas que conforman la banda sonora, en ellas se describen muchas situaciones como intriga, esperanza, optimismo,tensión, desacuerdo, lucha, triunfo, incertidumbre, valor, despedida, valentía, desafío, logro, sueño, lejanía, miedo, persecución, decisión, condecoración, etc.

It is a mock-up (complete package) of my work as a composer of music for screen. It is a sample of my work with symphonic orchestra. Below you will find the four different cues that make up the soundtrack, they describe many situations like intrigue, hope, optimism, tension, disagreement, struggle, triumph, uncertainty, courage, farewell, courage, challenge, dream, remoteness, fear , persecution, decision, decoration, etc.