2016 Classical Key

It's a String quartet, its musical material comes from the score A trip to the moon. The musical language is classical and its difficulty is intermediate.

2016 Wessex (The last Kingdom)

A Little sample of my last work. This score is composed for Orchestra but its premiere will be for Wind band in Olivenza in November. I am really happy with the result and I hope You like It.

Wessex will be a suite in three movements and the difficulty will be 3/5. It is an extraordinary work for a school orchestra. It is inspired by the book series The Last Kingdom


2016 Entr'acte de la ópera Carmen

Arrangement from the Entr'acte of the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet.


2016 Silent Night

It's an arrangement for beginners piano and Horn or Trombone, Its performance time is 3 minutes. It's ideal for a Christmas performance and it's thought for beginners.

For Trombone and Piano

For Horn and piano

2013 Sonata para tuba y piano Sonata